Wheel Alignment

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wheel alignment

The basis for optimum road-holding and thus safe, comfortable and last but not least economical driving is a correct adjustment of the chassis geometry. Since the components of the chassis are movable, they misalign over time. After driving over curbs or through potholes, of course, the chassis might need to be adjusted as well.

Therefore, the chassis should be must be measured from time to time and re-adjusted if necessary.

The consequences of incorrect or poorly tuned suspension are a poorer road holding, longer braking distance, higher fuel consumption, faster tyre wear, unilateral pulling of the vehicle to one side or a permanently tilted steering wheel.

Wheel Alignment  - Wolverhampton - Junction 11 Motors

We at Junction 11 Motors in Wolverhampton have a fully automatic wheel alignment system in place. With the latest, state of the art technology we can record the most important data within minutes and get all relevant information to see whether your vehicle's wheel alignment needs adjusting or not.

Inaccuracies can be practically excluded by the fully automatic measurement process, while a maximum measurement accuracy is achieved.


The3 main wheel alignment parameters on a vehicle are the toe, the camber, and the caster points.



Basically means the angle to which the steering axis is tilted forwards or backwards from the vertical, side view.


The Camber means the specific angle of a wheel related to the vertical, as looked at from front to rear of the vehicle.

A negative camber means the wheel is leaning towards the chassis.

A positive camber means it is leaning away from the vehicle.

1 Negative camber: The wheel tops are closer together compared to the bottoms.

2 Positive camber: The wheel bottoms are much closer together compared to thethe tops.

3 & 4 When the suspension doesn’t gain the camber while deflecting, it causes an extreme + (positive) camber during cornering. This can cause uncontrolled handling.

5 & 6: When a suspension gains camber while deflecting, it will try to compensate this. Aligning the dynamic camber angles is easy for experts with the right know-how and equipment.