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4x4 and SUV tyres are suitable for those who are not only moving on asphalt with their off-road vehicle or SUV. In the terrain tyres are particularly stressed, and the loads are high. The choice of tyre depends, on the one hand, on how often one leaves the road and, on the other hand, on the nature of the terrain. You can choose from, for example, Street Terrain tyres for occasional trips into the light terrain, which offer comfortable driving even on paved roads.

Good compromise

All-terrain tyres are just one of several off-road tyre categories. Also, there are Highway Terrain and Mud Terrain Tyres. The different species are more or less suitable for off-road driving. All-terrain tyres are a good compromise for SUV and off-road vehicle drivers on and off the road. In contrast, Highway and Street Terrain tyres are predominantly for the road, and Mud Terrain tyres are the first choice for difficult terrain.

For road and terrain

Because All Terrain tyres are supposed to ride comfortably on the tarmac, their tread is not as heavy as in Mud Terrain tyres, which are quite loud. All Terrain tyres can only be used in moderate terrain, which is sufficient in most cases. The SUV tyres wear off less quickly on the road and have a lower rolling resistance than rough Off-road tyres, which accordingly increase the fuel consumption. In the Junction 11 Motors online shop, we offer you all terrain tyres of many manufacturers in different price ranges as summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres.

Mud Terrain Tyres

For difficult terrain

Are you looking for off-road tyres that you can use even in difficult terrain? Then choose Mud Terrain Tyres. Thanks to the coarse profile, they are also unstoppable by scree and mud and offer better off-road grip than Highway Terrain tyres or All Terrain tyres. On asphalt, on the other hand, Mud Terrain tyres are quite loud, although not forbidden. However, an S for sound must be on the flank of the off-road tyres, because only then they comply with Regulation 117 of the Economic Commission for Europe and the rolling noise is within the permitted range. The higher rolling resistance compared to other off-road tyres is another disadvantage.

Ideal 4x4 Tyres

If the adventure in the terrain is more important than the ride comfort, Mud Terrain tyres are the best choice. They dig through mud and have a reinforcement so that stones and debris do not damage the tyre. On our Junction 11 Motors website, you will find the suitable Mud Terrain tyres for your vehicle at a favourable price.

Highway Terrain Tyres

For light terrain

More and more drivers are buying an SUV or off-road vehicle, but they are rarely or not even off the road. Those who want to be prepared for such adventures should pay attention to this when buying new tyres. The plan is to drive the vehicle mainly on asphalt; Highway Terrain tyres are the first choice. They are also called Street Terrain Tyres. These off-road tyres have a coarser profile than regular road tyres but are far from being as coarse-grained as mud terrain tyres. That's why Highway Terrain tyres quickly reach their limits. But they score with ride comfort when using the road and good driving characteristics. In this area, all-terrain and mud terrain tyres have disadvantages and also a higher rolling resistance.

Different highway terrain tyres

There are several categories of highway terrain tyres that are abbreviated H/T. The reason is new vehicle classes, especially in the SUV sector. If you like it comfortable, choose H/L tyres, i.e. Highway Luxury tyres. For drivers of sporty off-road vehicles, H/P tyres (Highway Performance tyres) are suitable. In the Junction 11 Motors online shop, we offer a wide range of Highway Terrain tyres as well as summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres for standard cars.

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