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Are you looking for Puncture Repair Wolverhampton for your vehicle?

Puncture Repair

Tyre repairs - always with the professional – Junction 11 Motors in Wolverhampton!

Whether a tyre repair is still possible or a new tyre is the better option, only a professional can tell. Therefore, in case of a puncture, please contact your Junction 11 Motors workshop.

This is our standard procedure:

The tyre is first removed from the rim, and the damage is properly assessed. Only then it is decided whether it can be repaired.

Vulcanisation - a commonly used method of tyre repair

In this method, the addition of fillers and sulfur causes a conversion from rubber to rubber. A rubber stopper is inserted into the resulting hole or crack. After that, a vulcanising agent is applied to the plug and heated. As a result, rubber stoppers and tyres fuse together.

The repair of high-speed tyres is possible

In the past, repairs of high-speed tyres were not allowed. Only tyres with a maximum speed of 130 mph ("H") were allowed to be repaired. Of course, as with any tyre, it depends on the location and degree of damage. We can certainly repair a performance tyre for you as well, but the last decision whether to repair a high-speed tyre stays with the workshop experts and the tyre manufacturers (some manufacturers do not allow for their tyres Wolverhampton to be repaired).

How to act after a puncture

  • Never remove objects from the tyre.
  • If you keep the nail etc. in, the air will more likely remain in the tyre!
  • Change the tyre immediately.
  • If the tyre change is not possible immediately, drive to the next petrol station and add more air to the tyre. Then drive slowly to the workshop.

A repair is no longer possible if:

  • The side wall (not the tread) has been damaged
  • The inner sides of the tyre was damaged
  • The hole or crack is larger than 6mm
  • A sealant/DIY repair kit was used previously to seal the tyre

Cheap tyre puncture repair Wolverhampton - Junction 11 Motors

Please don't worry too much if one of your car's tyres is damaged. Chances are good; we can repair the tyre for you for very little money. Just come to see us. No appointment needed.