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Are you looking for Rim Refurbishment Wolverhampton for your vehicle?

One of the most annoying plague for motorists, in addition to scratches in the bodywork, are scuffs on the aluminium rims. They happen so quickly but are so hard to get rid off. And the accident opponent, usually a curb etc., can hardly be held liable. So that small scratches do not become big cracks, the original gloss should be restored quickly so you can keep driving with nice, intact and good looking rims for a long time to come.

The spectrum is large: from polishing to inadmissible procedures, in which a deformed rim is brought back to its original state by heat. But especially with such sensitive car parts as the wheel: A rim repair is only legally permissible if it does not endanger the safety.

The only satisfying results regarding safety and insurance coverage are provided by rim repair procedures, which are limited to the optical restoration of the aluminium rim. There are specially developed machines for professional wheel repair. Our experienced team at Junction 11 Motors can prepare notches, stone chips, paint removal or rust spots in a few steps.

RIM REPAIR AND REFURBISHMENT AT Junction 11 Motors IN Wolverhampton

When repairing rims, we work in accordance with all safety regulations. In the case of deeper damages or dented rim edges, invisible hairline cracks may spread in the aluminium. However, since rims are safety-relevant parts, repair is no longer possible in such cases.


If one compares the costs when buying a new spare wheel rim with those of the repair, the main advantage becomes clear. This is often well below half the price of an original or premium rim.

But not only for budget reasons rims are often being repaired: especially older rims are no longer listed in the manufacturer's assortment. So the driver would have to buy a whole new set of alloy wheels to continue to be safe and chic on the road. Thanks to our Junction 11 Motors wheel repairs, drivers can save on these costs, at least for smaller to medium-sized scratches.

Junction 11 Motors have been offering the option of wheel repair for several years now. A large number of satisfied customers and the steadily increasing demand confirm that we are further expanding our offerings.

Take advantage of our offers! Please get in touch with us. Come to see us, and we will thoroughly check your rim(s) and give you a quote then and there. You will be happy with our prices - you will save good money with us, and we can resolve any defects before they cause major damage.

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