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Are you looking for Brake Services for your vehicle?


Regular brake testing of your vehicle increases road safety. In the case of an emergency, you have to go from 100 to zero faster than from zero to 100.

The brake system is today a complex system of electronics, mechanics and hydraulics: ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), ASR (Traction Control), BAS (Brake Assist), ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

Added to this are computer-controlled electronics, which can recognise dangers and react independently - for example, they can trigger a full braking manoeuvre. Only those who take a holistic view of these safety systems and know the different systems of the different manufacturers are also able to properly service and repair brakes. Also, changing the brake fluid regularly is a MUST as it can be life-saving.

    The brakes in your vehicle wear out with every braking operation. Therefore: Have your brake system checked regularly by a specialist.

    Brake service in Wolverhampton - Junction 11 Motors!

    Our brake service includes

    • Visual inspection of the brake system
    • Checking the brake fluid with regards to capacity, water content and boiling point
    • Check the brake hoses
    • Testing the braking performance of service and parking brakes on the brake test bench
    • Possibly electronic diagnosis
    • Replacement brake fluid
    • Replacement brake pads
    • Exchange brake discs

    We only change what really needs changing and we will always issue an estimate before we start working on your vehicle. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

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