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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing Wolverhampton for your vehicle?


Junction 11 Motors - get your vehicle's wheels balanced - so everything runs smoothly!

Balancing is used to determine if a tyre is running "round" or if there is an imbalance. Even the smallest weight differences in the valve on each tyres Wolverhampton or uneven wear through individual braking and cornering behaviour can lead to the tyre not running completely round.

Compensation of bumps caused by weights

When balancing wheels, weights are placed inside or outside the wheel to compensate for any imbalance. These weights are available as clips or adhesive weights. To achieve a better look, internal clip weights are the better option.

The stationary procedure

The wheels are tensioned in this variant in a balancing machine and rotated. This makes it easy to find out if the tyres are "eggs" and where counterweights should be installed.

Generally, you should have your tyres balanced each time you install a new tyre (or when changing from winter to summer tyres and vice versa). We at Junction 11 Motors recommend semi-annual, professional balancing for greater driving stability.

Signals that you should pay attention to:

      • Vibration on the steering wheel, which often occurs from around 50 mph
      • Uncommon noises

Important! Check the attached weights

During the seasonal tyre change, it is important to check if all the weights are still in place.

Cheap Wheel Balancing Wolverhampton - Junction 11 Motors!

Also, after hitting a curb or driving through a pothole etc. you should check whether the weights are still in attached to the wheel.

If you can't see them or aren't sure, please come to our Junction 11 Motors workshop. We will be happy to have a look as part of our free tyre check.