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Michelin - One of the biggest manufacturers of premium-class tyres worldwide.

The company is not only well known to vehicle owners, but of course also to gourmets and travellers. The Michelin Man (Bibendum) is undoubtedly one the easiest to recognise company mascots in the world.

Michelin tyres feature many of the most advanced technical innovations, and the tyre producer’s  plants count to the top advanced of their kind. Each Michelin tyre model meets the highest performance standards and delivers a new and unprecedented top-technology.

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We at Junction 11 Motors have a huge variety of Michelin Tyres in all standard sizes and for every season available. Please take a look at our website.

All you need to do, is type in the size you need and either select Michelin only or compare all our tyre brands available in this size.

Once you have chosen your tyres, just order them online and book a fitting time that suits you with your order.

On the day you come to us, everything will be set up and ready for you.

If you need help with your order or have any questions about tyres and/or vehicle care, please don't hesitate to contact us.

See you soon.

Your Junction 11 Motors Team